Always build on the rock, so your house will not be washed away with the sand, right?

Does anybody pay attention to that anymore? Solid foundations?

For instance, take the University’s network. Supposed to be the most secure network in Hyde Park, but you know what my computer never gets infected while I am at home with my little router firewall. No, I just have to go to the library log my computer into the university’s network, and within seconds I have a worm that Symantec hasn’t heard about in months! Honestly!

And what about relationships? If you build it on honesty and real care and concern, changes are it can survive most things; add love to that, and it may just survive anything. Build trust and you will have something that will last; no matter who you are building it with. I have a child in my life that reminds me of how much it all means. And I love him.

Then take an education, build it on the desire to learn, understand and discover and you’ll find cures, discoveries, insights. You may find more than the human mind could imaging… but it’s all because you built on a solid foundation.

Now, someone explain to me why there’s people out there who still insist on building on the sand – some even literally.