Well, I got a kick out of this one, so I am going to share.

I was checking traffic to my… well, here. And I noticed that someone had linked from a Google search; so, I checked the query. Believe it or not, my site was listed as #2 in a query search for college “hate presentations”. My blog is #2 on google when you search for college hate presentations!

Well, I do hate presentations, and there is no reason I should hide this fact. After all, there is only one truth under the sky, and there is no point in trying to hide it with just a fingertip.

Anyway, I got to go, because my right wrist hurts a lot; I think I pulled something during yoga last night. Note to the wise: don’t leave your yoga class before relaxation, and then run into the winter’s cold. That’s just stupid; I am talking from experience.