I think it’s safe to say that I don’t like parties.  I wouldn’t say I hate them or despise them; I just don’t like them, with intense passion. 

Yesterday, Christmas Day.  Evening, Christmas Party.  Lots of people, most seemed to be part of my family, though we weren’t hosting the party, and I have met some of the others before. However, since I haven’t lived around here for over 5 years, and I don’t socialize with hispanics outside my family – for the most part – I don’t really knew anyone there. 

Well, it was obnoxiously loud, in a house with echo-y acoustics; and, of course, I was invisible.  It’s always nice to be invisible, so long as you are to everyone.  But, no!  There is always someone who wants to know about Chicago, or the cold in comparison to here – especially those visiting from Puerto Rico, and of course, there is always someone who wants to get past you without saying “excuse me.”  

What really gets me: my own mother, or any other person the family, cared to introduce me to anyone there.  Great!  Oh, and there’s never anyone remotely close to my age.  They are all over 30, married with children; or 20 and under.  Another party were I go in knowing no one, and leave just as knowledgeable.  [If you can’t tell, I am rather resentful this days.]

So, you wonder, why did I go?  Simply, I didn’t want to hear another round of you are anti-social, or you never go anywhere.  And I had had the excuse for leaving early:  I was meeting friends for Christmas dinner.  Well, that didn’t pan out.  So, I eked out, mostly unscathed, around 7:30pm – maybe 2.5 hours later. 

I didn’t eat at the party, because since I arrived all I kept hearing was that the food was rotten (literally; seem they left it outside overnight because there wasn’t enough fridge space when the restaurant delivered). So, eventually I sat down to read the book I had brought with me; The Craft of Research turned out to be a lot more fun, for me, than the party around me – and a lot quieter too. 

In any case, my brother and I came home, had hot dogs from the gas station at the corner, and he went back to await the arrival of a girl he’s had his eye on for a while.  Home Alone, on Christmas. 

Ooh, by the way, I got a bag of M&M’s!  Like I need them! And Maria gave me some chocolates (same remark as above).  Oh, and I got a lime green wallet.  I guess it will have to match my brown Rosetti purse and Pliner pumps.