Okay, so I took that final yesterday. I can’t believe I was actually able to answer all the questions!

In any case, I felt sick today, so I didn’t go to my class. But I was just reminded, that I have the same class tomorrow and Thursday, which makes me just too happy! rolleyes So, tomorrow my third class starts, and then I have to go to my second class. That’s class from 9-4 with an hour break at 12. And I have homework due on Thursday, which I haven’t gotten around to because I was studying for the stupid final, and then reading for polisci, and then reading for civ. This really sucks, and I don’t want to have to pull an all-nighter over this mess; because I really am feeling very sick.

On a different note, I just received a “reminder to vote.” Yup, that’s right. I thought it was just too cute. But my friend, he’s quirky like that. Anyway, the reminder was not just why I should vote, but why I shouldn’t vote for Bush (not that I had any intention of doing so, mind you; never did, and won’t start now). In any case, he sent me this link, which just reminded me of how stupid I really think that Bush is, and that thought never escapes my mind (plus it’s brought up on a daily basis). I honestly think that the idea of Jerry Springer running for Senator is far more appealing than Bush in the Presidential Office for another term. Moreover, there would be better chances of me voting “Springer for President” than for Bush. After all, the former has at least shown brain activity.