I have lost 5.2 lbs.! Yay!

I noticed this morning when I put on my  new sweater; arms, shoulders, face, upper body in general. Not my boobs though; those are not going anywhere. 

The food is still delicious. I love being able to just grab what I need as I rush out in the mornings. I have been having salad with lunch and dinner. I’ve also been eating an afternoon snack, with the occasional one in the morning. I eat more, but have lost more weight. 

I have started adding water flavoring, which has resulted in me drinking more water while at work. I can truly say that I am enjoying this plan, and don’t feel deprived at all. Before I could get in 2 liters, maybe 3. But, now, I am not struggling at all get in 4 liters while I am at work!

I have not run since Friday, because I am still dealing with the exhausting I was suffering from a few weeks ago. Though, I have gotten some truly decent sleep recently and feel much better. I think for the next several weeks, I am going to keep my running to a couple days a week, for a mile or two only.

[Okay. Enough exclamation points. It’s not like I am a teenager.]

Note: I did not purchase a new upright freezer. While I may want it and it would be more convenient, there were several factors against it.

  1. We don’t have the space to put it. Even if I could fit it in the one place, the breaker cannot hold the freezer, even if small, and the second refrigerator (which is not small).
  2. I can keep the meat for 14 days in the fridge, and by then I will have enough space in the freezer.
  3. It’s a good incentive for my mom and grandma to stop buying for meat and use what is already in the freezers. I keep telling them: It still goes bad when frozen.
  4. It’s a good incentive not to deviate from the program meals. I have in 2 occasions had home-cooked meat, but that’s not really going to cause a dent on this plan of action.
  5. While I could pay for it, it was not on the budget. I really, really want to stick to the budget.