I thought I should post them on my own blog. They are from a long time ago. The Stranger was the first one, at least to be made public.

The Stranger
There is this man who looks a lot like him.
He is very handsome, I think.
Every time I see him, he reminds me of him, my friend.
But he is not my friend.
I like him, but I don’t like this man.
The man I like is my friend, and this man is a total stranger.
He acts just like what he is–a stranger.
Sometimes I look at him, and I think I see my friend.
Usually I am wrong; this man is not my friend.
Sometimes, I see him in this man, and then he disappears,
And I am left looking at the stranger once again.
I miss my friend more than I can tell anyone.
This stranger is not him.
He is not the stranger.
My friend has a sparkle in his smile
And a shine in his eyes.
This stranger lacks them both.
I wish I could see my friend again.
I am afraid he is gone.
Only the stranger remains.