My FitBit account has the standard 10,000-steps-per-day goal, with 5 miles to match. I have never made 5 miles with 10,000 steps. It’s more like 11-12,000 steps for me to get to 5 miles. Regardless, I am very excited to re-start my quest to the 70,000 steps weekly goal. I walked just over 60,000 last week (see previous post, 6/28/14), and I am hoping to get even closer this week, if not there.

If not within a standard calendar week, then I will be more than happy with reaching 70,000 steps on any rolling 7-day period. This is where I am after the last 7 days (last Monday through Today).

Maybe tomorrow I will get there. 

I have made a great head start with over 12,000 steps today!

On a different note, my back is killing me still. The muscles are so sore, though I am pretty sure everything else is where it’s supposed to be. I think I may make an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow, just in case, and have therapy too. I hate therapy, but I will do some if it will make it better. 

On the other hand, my costochondritis is barely bothering nowadays, so long as I wear two bras when running. It really hurts otherwise, as the weight just pushes on my ribs and sternum. Of course, on Thursday, I forgot my sports bra, and Friday I was paying the price and it hurt to breathe. I have to stop forgetting to pack things into my bag. Today was my gym towel; a few weeks ago, my bath towel. At least, I no longer go to the gym before work, because that might proof disastrous.