I should have gotten on that plane… .

It’s absurd, because I know that’s not what I wanted at the time. There are a lot of choices I have made that have brought me here. Choices that I made to get one step closer to my so-called goals; goals that I have not achieved, mostly because life happened while I was making choices. But with every decision made, every step taken, I had to forfeit something along the way. There have been a lot of choices, a lot of decisions, a lot of forfeits.

But today I think: I should have gotten on that plane.

It wouldn’t have made my life any easier, or better. It would just be different. And maybe I wouldn’t have had to forfeit so many things. Maybe I would have made different choices. Embarked on a different path that required a different set of decisions.

It’s a ridiculous thought, because as much as I wanted to say “what the hell” and go for it; I was my usual self, and decided against it. How many times have I done that? How many times have I thought of all the reasons not to jump, and then used them as my excuses not to do what I truly wanted.

That’s just what I do. I think myself out doing things that I then regret not doing.

Too late.