On how to address religious issues, I should mention that social ettiquette dictates religion should not be a topic of conversation, mostly due to the fact that it can bring discord in a social setting. I believe that outside religious setting, it always brings some level of discord, disagreement and/or all-out chaos. But that can take place in a religious setting as well.


With regards to your comment on my blog, I must say that almost all your facts are correct. But I do know that the Monroe Doctirne was enforced. It was backed by the British government and upheld with the help of the British Navy. I have found an online reference to this regard. I was only necessary in the 1898 Hispano-American War to actually put it to use. Enforcement is not always tangible; it can also be found in deterrence.

The Monroe Doctrine also explains the United States’ reluctance to join WWI. And Wilson’s desire to join was in part a result of his feelings of desire to aid the British and partly from fear that the United States may not be able to stop a global takeover if we waited too long.

Also, the issue of technical advancement is far too expansive; and I’d need a whole other blog to cover it all. I dedicated most of my education to war, the history of war, the evolution of war and foreign affairs with a concentration on war and conflict. I did extensive research on Hitler and WWII, as well as the Vietnam conflict.

I make no claim as to whether this inclination to “jump in” is in the name of capitalism or democracy. However, I do agree that we have created some of the messes we now condemn; and that too many innocents have died in the process.

The truth is that we meddle, because we can. Since WWII, the US has been the only nation with enough resources to do so. The USSR was a super-power, but resources were too scare to span beyond its immediate vecinity. Truly, we shouldn’t be anywhere when we have so many problems right here.