As you should be able to note from my reading list, I have taken up research once again.

The other day I was going through all the papers that made it to Orange Park from Chicago, and to my great amazement I found a lot of my papers – most of which I thought I had lost when my CDRW went nuts in the Winter of 2003. I was reading through my Winter 2003 Law final, and I found that I was actually eloquent and concise and thoughtful at one point.

It was nice to remember what I did. It was nice to know that everything I have been thinking about myself in the past few months are simply figments of my imagination due to the ‘leisurely’ time I must endure. Amazing how a simple 10-page paper can change your life.

In any case, reading said paper made me realize that I really want to go to grad school; and that I really want to finish my AB research. So, I am reading to figure out what’s the best approach when tackling the already immense project which I took upon myself 2 years ago. Thankfully, I have found that a Law School Professor is somewhat focusing on my topic, which should help me with my research. After all, research is simply never-ending teamwrok. If it weren’t so, we’d never discover or conclude anything.

So, I am going to read a few books I have been putting aside for the past 5 years; and then I am going back to the drawing board – which makes me wonder what my mom would say about painting a blackboard in my room, or at least mounting a very large dry-erase board. This will certainly be interesting, especially since I need to find a job, ASAP.