I was not slacking off!

It was just a rollercoaster. On Monday, I did not want to go to the gym, so I just walked a bit, enough to make it to 20,000 weekly steps. But then, on Tuesday, I didn’t feel well, so I didn’t go either. Still felt ill on Wednesday, but I pushed through. Except, I didn’t on Thursday, because I felt really awful. However, despite a minor allergic reaction that interfere with my breathing, I made it in today and almost caught up.

Most significant day: Friday. I drank over 171 ounces of water! I am not trying to drown myself to death. I was just thirsty, and my daily water goal is 130+ ounces, so I did meet it today. [By the way, I felt like a fish in a bowl several times as I had way too much liquid inside and it was very uncomfortable.]

Ups and Downs, it is all part of the journey. Sometimes sickening, but always entertaining.