One – Thanks to my professor, who wasn’t as mean [as much of a jerk] as he seemed to be on Friday.

Two – I am done! I still can’t get myself to sleep normal hours, but it doens’t much matter since I don’t have anything that I must do.

Three – now I have to finish that translation, and study for the LSAT. ARGH! Well, I said there isn’t anything I MUST do, not that I don’t have anything to do.

Four – I got extra tickets! I am not as excited about that as I thought I would be, but now Jon and Cal can come to graduation too. And so can Lin. And maybe one other person, who I am not even sure it’s interested in attending – since we talked about this ceremony matter, but I’ll give the chance anyway [just in case].

Five – After I have finally recovered my IQ – after frying my brain last year, it has definitely gone back down at least 10 points! Damned Cortisol!

Six – My family is coming; worse, my mom invited herself to stay at my place for the whole week. Goodness!

The rest – I have broken 5 nails in a week, that’s a personal record. Also managed to pull a leg and neck muscle in the period of a couple weeks; I am in pain. I like someone; nothing new there, except him. I sort of managed to clean my room while I was trying to get to sleep; nice job! Also, while doing that, I realized how much junk I really have; it’s crazy. Now, if I could just get some decent sleep, maybe I can make it to Friday’s graduation… .