I am just wiped out. There were a few times today, while I was at the gym, when I thought: “just screw it; go home.” I did, when my mom showed up and gave me the perfect reason to leave. Not that I had much time left to run, or that I had much time left before the gym closed (in 18 minutes). I did, however, thanks to her, had time to shower.

The results:

Sunday: 4,492 steps; Monday: 2,774 steps; Tuesday: 14,093 steps; Wednesday: 12,305 (after I adjusted my stride and it robbed me of 50(!) steps); Thursday: 12,812 steps; Friday: 12,133 steps; Saturday: 7,005 steps.

I have to say that I thought about going out and putting in the additional 2 miles I would need to make it to 70,000 steps this week. But, I am just exhausted. I need a break. Thus, I am taking said needed break right now. I was going to take tomorrow off, but since I didn’t meet goal today, I will probably go put in some time. However, I am not shooting for 5+ miles tomorrow. Whatever I get in, that’s it. I’m going shopping with my mom, so I may get to the 5 miles anyway.

On a separate note, I have no sleep debt, and yet I am exhausted. Yes, my target sleep is 7.5 hours per day, so it’s not great, but it’s much more than I have gotten on average over the last 3-5 years. It is the least I need for my brain to function and not succumb to the unacceptable. Lately, I have been so tired, despite sleep enough that I have been borderline succumbing. I know I had 3 days of less than 7.5 hours, and the last couple weeks were a joke, but can’t a girl as for the average to be enough and have it be so?

Well, I have the chance to put in some extra Zs without waking up at noon tomorrow, so I am going to take it. 

Good Night!