I took a few days break from the gym, Sunday through Tuesday. Made it on Wednesday, thinking I would be fine. Was I wrong!

I was in so much pain (left hip, knee, ankle and foot) that I had to give up on my run and walk. Yes, I stopped running at 4 mph and walked at 3.2 mph. Regardless, it made a difference. Barely any pain. I also scream obscenities in the gym floor a few times. I was a painful, stabbing pain at times (no, it is not the sciatic nerve), especially when my knee hyper-extended.

The cause of my pain is a series of actions, consequences and choices. I have been crossing my legs (left over right) a lot and that always causes me trouble later. I just don’t realize that I am doing it until it’s too late. Then, being in pain, I ran 10.63 miles on Thursday, July 24. Here’s the main culprit:

Truly it should be a picture of me, as I knew I was hurting and still ran for 2.5 hours in one day. It just did not hurt after the first mile. I’m hurting.