I know, I posted yesterday and here I am again. Well, what else can I do?

On another note, I am now considering real estate. Well, I had considered buying real estate, and possibly renting real estate or buying real estate with the intent of turning it into rentals. But I have been thinking for months about what to do after I get out of here, and honestly I still don’t have an answer. So I am learning to knit. At least I can clothe myself, or even sell sweaters and scarves, plus I REALLY need a hobby. Then I thought, I may as well take the LSAT and the MCAT and go back to school, but I really don’t want to do that for a couple years. And I have thought about taking an offer from the banking industry, but “been there, done that” — didn’t quite hate it, but not my cup of tea, too routine for me. So, I’d like to teach, but I am not going back to school for 2 yrs to teach some brats, and I am not about to join TeachForAmerica or VISTA or any of those; if you knew me you’d know exactly why.

All I have decided is that I have to leave Chicago. And thus I will do so most unwillingly and completely reluctant. Well, I don’t mind leaving Chicago as much as leaving the University. There is just something about this place which makes it feel like home, to me. And the only other place that’s ever really felt like home is my grandma’s house, but I don’t think it really does anymore. Now, I think, home is the UofC. And I have decided to hang my coat somewhere far from here. Maybe I’ll find a home somewhere else, or move back here. I have 5 months to close the deal.