I have a degree in Political Science from the University of Chicago. I have over 100 semester credit hours in Social Sciences. Nevertheless, FSCJ insists that I must take two (2) introductory social science course to complete the paralegal program.

First, if I have a Bachelor degree, why in the world do I need to prove my capacity to make it through  two (2) introductory social science course at the Associate level. Second, I have credits at a higher level in psychology, anthropology, and – let’s face it – there is nothing I can learn from this courses (and so far, that’s proven to be true). Three, if there is nothing new for me to learn, what is the point? I know: to irritate my already irritable self!

Thankfully, I have learn something in the rest of the program. 

P.S. – I also have to take a Speech class. I feel the same way about it as I do about the social science course. Except, in this case, I took the speech class in high school, and I believe once is more than anyone needs in this life, unless you want to be … I don’t know … a public speaker! Anyway, I have had my share of “speech-making” and if I haven’t mastered it by now, I doubt a 16-week course will help. Not to mention how much I hate 16-week courses!