I have been thinking about moving, since shortly after I moved back in. At the time, it was an unrealistic want. However, recently, it has become a realistic want and I started looking into it.


From a monthly expenses stand point, and taking into consideration the cost of moving (deposits and/or closing costs), I could find a bigger, nicer place to buy than one to rent. Also, I could buy this bigger, nicer place for less than the lowest rent rates around. And, the closing costs would be not much more than the deposit plus first month’s rent. Thus, I went looking for a place to purchase.

I found several, including a seemly nice townhouse community. However, my brother – who adamantly opposes my moving out – claims one of his friends recently moved out of said unnamed community because while it was perfectly nice and suburban during the day, there are drug deals going on left and right at  night. It was that “conversation” which led to the title of this post and the birth of this blog.


While I give little credence to his claim, it made me realize something: maybe it’s not meant to be. After all, as much as I want to move out right now, there are other things I want more, things that require time and planning. What’s more, it made me remember that I am in control of my life; I have the choice to guide my life to where and how I want it to be.

Therefore, step #1: stay put… for now.