I went to that interview, but I doubt I would take the job. At least not without major incentives, other than a paycheck. I mean, if you wouldn’t hire someone that didn’t make a good first impression or who doesn’t seem reliable and dependable, why work for someone like that? Well, even though I know this lady doesn’t work for the firm itself, she is close enough that the impressions I have gotten lead me to decided against joining their team. I got a good impression of here, but not of the firm. Ironies!

Anyway, I am not taking that job if offered to me. Thus I am still on the job search. Seems I will end up stuck with some clerical/reception job that pays peanuts, or the equivalent. In the meantime, I spend endless hours online looking, and some more editing cover letters and setting up faxes. Gosh! It’s exhausting.

While I find someone thing and it finds me back [it’s a two-way street, you know?], then I am home most of the time, unless I am out with mom or MA doing some business stuff. It is rather insufferable to be unemployed – not to mention the bills that have to be paid regardless… .