Seems the University of Chicago requires great tradeoffs, defined by their own research. Fifty years ago a graduate student at the University, Eugene Aserinsky, discovered REM; but most College students probably don’t get a lot of that. Rechtschaffen researches the reasons for the need for sleep, and concludes that whatever the biological reason maybe, sleep is important. A possible conclusion for him is that sleep is a time for relieve of stress from important body, specially brain, tissue. Gavigelli and McClintock claim that the stress of confronting new situation, specifically by shy, neophobic beings, may be significantly affecting longevity. Great! I am sure people on this campus experience much higher levels of stress than neophobics, yet there is no research on that specific case: how the University of Chicago may be reducing the longevity of its community.

Well, all I know is that the first week of December I spent at the library; and slept 9 hours over 6 days. I haven’t made up all those hours of no sleep; and I am not tired. I do feel a little stupid though; but that probably has to do with increased levels of brain-damaging cortisol, due to rising stress and lack of sleep.