Just finished filing my taxes. I wasn’t going to file for a state refund, but my aunt convinced me. I am getting like 1/3 back! In 2003, my refund would have been 3 cents, so I figured it’d be something like that too, but it is actually more than $50! I am so happy!

I also thought that I’d end up having to pay lots of taxes, but I am getting almost everything I paid back! Except for like $6; because I have income I hadn’t paid taxes on, but I also had an adjustment and deductions. I love being independent! Not that I wasn’t before, but both my mom and I need it for her to claim me as a dependent. It worked fine for both of us; but I am not sure she’s too happy about it, since this year she can’t claim either my brother or me. Anyway, I am happy about my upcoming return.