I know I haven’t posted in a while. And, I know I said I would, but – sometimes – life happens. And, let’s face it, life doesn’t happen on the web.

Later I will post Step #4.

But, for now, I will just say that the changes haven’t stopped, but they have changed direction somewhat. Step #1 through #3 are alive and well. Maybe the Steps haven’t changed direction exactly; it’s more like I have changed directions. The more I think about who I used to be, what I used to believe, what I held dear, then more I realize that I still feel that same way about some of those things and have just forgotten it. So, in many ways I am re-evaluating my perspective to take the old me and the new me and bring out the real me. You can’t leave your old self behind; you can only make your old self a better one.

I am staying put, and almost losing my mind because of it. I still feel like I can’t breathe sometimes, and everyday I find I have less space. However, I haven’t figured out how to payoff my students loans early and move out at the same time. Working on that, as we speak … (rhetorically).

I work on maintaining my budget, or – at least – tracking everything (loosely) every few days at minimum. My budget is fluid, so if I overspend in one place I have to under-spend in another. My savings have a fixed minimum though. I even figured out how to payoff my student loans in 7 years instead of 15! I just have to make ONE WHOLE YEAR’S NET SALARY worth of early payments… 🙁

And, I am moving forward, which amazingly enough is harder than getting my finances under control. Step #4 is all about a part of that. I am probably going to call it Step #4.1, #4.2, #4.3, etc. I am sure it will have several parts.

Also, I am incorporating another section/page/direction into this blog. I thought about just posting into my regular blog, but this venue is all about change so I have decided to post about it here. Stay tuned… .