I don’t understand why I keep seeing people talking or writing about it not being about the destination. Of course it’s not about the destination, we are all going to the same place. 

Everyone of us is aging, dying, every second. Not to be morbid, but the destination doesn’t even have a view, though you can pick the location and the furniture. Definitely not about the destination. 

There seems to be a consensus on it being all about the journey. I don’t understand that either. If it’s about the journey, what happens when that particular journey ends? I ask because these affirmations seem to all derive from a specific facet of the person’s life; for instance, career, fitness, family life, love life, weightloss, personal growth, whatever. 

I have written about this before. I’ll say it again. For me, it’s also not about the journey. When you make it about the journey, it’s like taking a 7-day tour. You know where you’ll be everyday, at every hour. Because, if it’s about the journey, you’re planning and focusing on being on track, on schedule. If you’re on a tour, you probably don’t get to enjoy much of anything because you have to stay on schedule. 

It’s not about the journey. It’s about you, living your life instead of waiting for the end. It’s about laughing with friends. About getting morning kisses and hugs from your dog, right before she does something that will make you late for work. It’s about knowing that your job doesn’t define you; it just helps pay the bills and, if you hate it, you should consider a change. It’s about thinking about tomorrow while living today. It’s about family – the one you were given and the one you’ve chosen along the way, even when they get on your very last nerve. It’s about loving someone because he might not be perfect, but he might just be perfect for you. It’s about letting go of the insignificant and fighting for what matters. It’s about forgiveness. It’s about the moments and people and places, and how they make you into who you are. 

It’s about living rather than existing, because we might not have tomorrow.  Even if you do, you don’t have to be then who you are now. That’s the journey, but it’s made up of the important parts in life. Don’t forget to stay in the now, because the journey is happening whether you notice it or not.

So, go live!