This has made such a difference in my life.

A few years back, I was walking home on the main road of my town and I saw an imperial butterfly dead on the sidewalk. I was amazed that I had even seen it with all the traffic and concrete around.

It had been quite a bad day, but finding such beauty in the middle of all that chaos was very reassuring. I shared the moment with my grandma. Back then, she was 2K miles and half an ocean away, but I knew she would cherish the moment with me. I wrote her a letter about how finding that beautiful creature had changed my perspective; she still keeps the butterfly in a plastic bag inside her bible.

That moment changed my life forever, and I often look back on it. But this world, and the magic of creation, never fails to amaze me. Moments like that remind me of all the hope left, of all the possibilities that exist beyond out imagination.

The best thing about everyday is that I am here to see it realized, and that I get to see it in all its splendor (even if some times overshadowed by man-made chaos).