I can surround myself with all the right stuff, and keep going to the gym, and so on. But that doesn’t mean I will succeed. Not if I can’t change myself. Not hard to explain.

If I don’t change how I think, I can’t change how I feel, I can’t change what I do, and therefore, I can’t change how I look. It’s truly that simple. I don’t see the person in the mirror in my head, and that makes it hard to make the right choices all the time, or even 80 percent of the time, especially when I am hungry all the time.

You may not believe this, but I truly am hungry all the time. Even when eating every 3 hours, I am hungry all the time. My stomach aches and rumbles constantly. And I can’t help but want to eat everything in sight.

In any case, the change has to be complete. I have to find a way to see the person I have become and not the person I was; and to challenge who I am to be who and how I want to be. It is not just keep being hungry and going to the gym and hoping for the best; I must change all perceptions of myself, so that the motivation guides me to make the necessary changes to achieve my goal.

Easier said than done, I have been trying to change my perception for years, literally. And yet I haven’t. Maybe I like who I was better than who I have become, or maybe it is that no longer can see as far ahead as I used to and thus find it difficult to imaging a better self than I was. Regardless, the change must take place if I am to succeed.

In the meantime, I shall continue to go to the gym, try to make the right choices, and hope for the best.

And to all those with similar goals, best of luck.