I honestly do not remember what I did on Sunday, other than go to the gym (which I remember I the fact but not the occurrence), but that’s where the week starts for me. Despite going to the gym, I did not reach my daily goal.

Even worse, Monday is a blur and I only remember that I didn’t feel like doing anything, I went to work, skipped the gym, and didn’t even read. I do, however, know that I overate; not much, but, still, I did. It was a pathetic day among several days of awesomeness. See all that blue, like ice.

But then, 3 days of goals! Today, I even met my water goal (≥130 oz.).

I have a whole day (7.5 hours) worth of Sleep Debt. I am accruing more as I type here. I am exhausted. I have body parts that I didn’t remember or knew I had which are currently screaming at me. I feel great!

I am trying to decide what I am going to do tomorrow, so that I can meet my 10,000 step goal, because I am trying to meet the weekly 70,000 step goal. However, I have plans that conflict with gym time, and I am wasting good sleep time I could exchange for morning workout time by just typing this.

Good night!