Recently I have been considering a lot of things and expenses that I have just because. Like a huge U-Verse bill when I watch 5 shows, all of which I watch weeks/months after airing on DVR. So, I have been moving things around. I added my brother to my wireless plan, and moved to Mobile Share; so, now, I pay $20-25 less a month, for 4 lines and 10 GB of data (instead of 3 lines and 3GB+300MB data). That U-Verse bill hangs perilously in the balance, as I would love to shred it and forget it. But, my grandma loves her telenovelas (not that she would admit to it; just stop by between 7-11 p.m. on a weekday – not Tuesday, and you’ll see).

In any case, my mom finally canceled her gym membership after almost 1 year of not going. She also wants to cancel her WW membership. So, that got me thinking: I need a new strategy. I have been going up and down the same 5 lbs. since October, and it is very frustrating. It’s not that I am doing something I shouldn’t be; I am just stuck in a never ending plateau. In my frustration, I did not track at all during my vacation week before last. Then today I realized, I have not tracked that many days this week, and have only worn my ActiveLink once this week, and not at all after the Monday during my week off. Thus, I surmised WW is no longer working for me.

Several things that were dead giveaways. (1) Advice said to look back at successful weeks, but the tracker will only go so far back. I know what I have been doing since the plateau began; that’s not the point of looking back. (2) I love my “me-time” at the gym, and the endorphin release; but I hate that no matter how hard I work the scale won’t tip down. Not going over daily points and exercising is not working; something’s gotta give. (3) I am boring with the tracking and thinking of food in abstract PointsPlus (PPs) which means next to nothing in the real world. I constantly feel now like I am balancing my checkbook, which I never do because I don’t write checks; however, I do work on my expense-tracking/budget everyday; and I don’t want to think about food when I am not hungry, while I don’t mind thinking about savings/debt payments while I am poor.

Regardless, I went to cancel my ActiveLink subscription, and next thing I know my WW membership has been cancelled altogether. I don’t mind, as I was paid through today. So, I went back to MyFitnessPal (MFP), updated my account and began tracking. Sound similar? It is, but it’s different. Still 4 numbers to track (Calories, Carbs, Fat, Protein), but there is so much more to consider it is not at all like “grabbing whatever fits” as I have felt recently. Not new, but different. Something gives… .

Now, I am saving $22.95 a month and I have a useless ActiveLink (non-transferable); but, I also get to shop for a new activity tracker and try something different.

New weight-loss to-date: 36 lbs. Still, a ways to go.

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