Gosh, I have now spent hours setting everything just right. Basically, I had to change everything in the template. And my computer refused to be nice, and would only let me edit on FrontPage – which wasn’t sooo bad, actually it could have been painless but….

Anyway, I keep saying that I am going to be doing tons of work today. And don’t mind that I do have tons of it to do. But I am yet to crack a book, and by that I mean that I am yet to take them out of their wrappers. Yup, I have been so sick for the past 10 days or so, that I haven’t even opened most of them. But I have a homework prject due on Tuesday, and a Paper due on Friday, and a Final next Monday. I thought covering a Quarter in 3 weeks would be awesome; but somehow I forgot that I would still have to do everything that normally takes 9 weeks done in 3! So, now I’m fretting, but not freaking out… yet!

Well, I think that I am soon going to start writing about whatever I have been reading lately. And I’ll probably just write something about it on my homepage and link to it. Or better… I think I’ll give them 1 to 5 stars, or something like that. I have no idea yet. Maybe Cookies, like pics of cookies instead of stars. How does Chocolate Chip sound. Gosh, that would mean that I have to start working on that soon.

Well. The last non-school book I read is, of course, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – courtesy of my Auntie. grin It was really good, as always; but it didn’t really have an ending like the previous ones, so now I want NUMBER 6! And that really sucks! Before reading that I was reading “The Iliad” and “The Peloponnesian War” and discover that my copies were not actually in Greek, as I had though the first time I tried to read them in First year. They are actually in English! … I was so excited!…

Anyway, I should go do some more reading. I have a ton of Greek traslations that I have to get through before I can write my paper. Oh, and now I remember that I also have a presentation on Tuesday. Lucky me!