Well… that is not quite the question. Thing is, Frank thinks that I am in love with him (not Frank! You know who I mean…). Anyway, I don’t think so. Frank says I am lying to myself, but I don’t see why I should have to lie; there is nothing wrong with being in love. I say that if I were to be falling, it’s a slow, nice kinda fall that will take time. He says: whatever!

Wouldn’t you think that one knows better than other people when one’s self is in love??? I would think so. I really care about this guy, and I like him more than I can say (which I have for as long as I’ve known him, even if I was lying to myself [I’ll admit that I have been fighting it for ever] which I was). And I really enjoy his company. Anyway, I like him… that’s it. But I am not in love. And I am not much thinking about that right now, because I think I’ve got food poisoning, but no one cares about that when there is so much dirtier gossip to talk about, right? (Yeah, so people are so immature as to make this constitute gossip; It’s not illegal people!).