Note that my computer decided to reboot and whatever eloquence could formerly be found in this very unusual entry disappeared.

During a nice, little ‘stroll’ through the blogosphere, and some parts of the net that should remain hidden given they are ‘living’ proof of the extent of human stupidity, I found some rather interesting, or at least noteworthy, things – or whatever you want to call them.

First, Thomas Frank, PhD ’94*, editor and co-founder of The Baffler. His dissertation, “The Conquest of Cool: Business Culture, Counterculture, and the Rise of Hip Consumerism,” became a national bestseller. But what’s more, it is good! [Let’s face it, there’s a lot of real crap on national best-sellers lists nowadays. Take, for instance, the Atkins ‘books’!] In any case, here is the transcript of a radio interview from 1998. And, of course, you can find out more about him at The Baffler‘s website. Well, if you like Frank’s thoughts on markets and society, consider reading BBC News’ article on the ‘marketization’ of baby names.

Second, I found this great post by a lifetime dieter who quit, Margaret Cho. I was so excited! Anyway, you can find it here.

Then, I didn’t really know what to do with this. It seems uncharacteristically amusing, yet serious enough that I found many link to this site. However, I haven’t decided that switching parties is the right thing for me. I think that I would be a member of the Republican Party if I lived in North Carolina, but I don’t – so I am not. In the name of being politically neutral at this time, I must also add the Democratic Party’s site.

Later, I found this site, which was such a mix of things that I can’t describe it here. I like it a lot, though I don’t think I can quantify it. But along with that one I must place this one, on the basis of being fair to all sides.

Now, if you know that your mother has joined the ranks of net surfers, why in the world would you put things that you don’t want her to know about on the net? The Onion has a good one on this.

Well… the list goes on and on; and I am already tired from all the reading and some typing. So, I am calling it quits. It is now 3:48, and I am going to finally post. Later.

##This post began at 9:47 am and will end when it ends. It is a compilation of all “some crap” for today which left me with time to do “no Reading.”##

* Throughout this site, University of Chicago Alumni are depicted by their degree and year; unless these are unknown, or I don’t care to note the merit.