Well, as per previous post, it has been 111 days since I last wrote anything here.

Well, I thought I had regained my former self, a self I have missed for the better part of six (6) years. But I didn’t. However, I have found something else I had lost: determination. I often find myself saying “even if by sheer perseverance” or “by mere determination.” It’s good that I have regained some of the passion I had lost. I needed that.

Now that I am a partial representation of my former self, I must say that I am quite displeased with … everything.

I don’t much mind my job, but it does bother me to be patronized by people who have nothing on me. Let’s get serious, I have taught a bunch of those people more than a couple things. The other day some guy says “I am a plastic surgeon”; I almost said “great, then you can afford a course on diction.” I know, it’s bad. However, I can’t stand being relegated to this position.

I am not sure how I have gotten so off course; but I plan to get back on track.

I have decided that I am going to law school, if they’ll have me. At this rate, I think it won’t be next fall; but I plan to apply for entry in 2007. Right now, I am thinking I want to take the LSAT again. I know I said never again, but I do not want to settle for an OKAY school, or even a GOOD school,when I can have a GREAT school. Before I disgrace my Chicago degree with a lesser institution, I’d much rather answer phones for the rest of my life. Then again, that would be a life short-lived.

Anyway, I have also joined a gym, and gotten a personal trainer. Though, I don’t know if I want to continue sessions, which are good – don’t take me wrong. I haven’t been for a week, because I was sick last week. I had to leave early one day, and take another off. I hate getting sick.

Anyway, I feel great. Now I just need everything else to fall into place.