I am hoping to make it to Fort Worth in mid-February for an interview. I am patiently waiting for a lawyer in Philadelphia to call me, and let me know if he’s finally had the time to review the resume I sent him four months ago.


Right now I am packing to go to PR for the weekend. I am very upset. My grandfather passed away on Monday, and no one in the family thought to call until today. To make matters worse, they didn’t even call! My mom’s mom’s cousin called her to tell her to let us know. One could say that I am really P-O’ed; but, in all truth, I am irate. And that’s far worse, for them.

My brother, I think – from what he said, figured that it was his duty to attend the ceremony. He said: “He was my grandfather, and, plus, they all went when abuelo (our other grandfather) passed away.” I have never been more proud of my brother.

You know, I took my grandfather for granted. I just figured I’d never know when this happened; because, again, they would never call. But sometimes I thought about calling him. I never did. I haven’t talked to anyone from that family in over 4 years; and it was not my grandfather’s fault. But all sinners are judged equally, and he was the head of them – if only in theory.

What bothers me the most is that they didn’t even bother trying to contact us. Add to that the hypocrisy that I expect tomorrow, and I have never been happier.

On a separate note, I get to see my grandma (my mom’s mom), which I haven’t in little more than a year. 🙂