Well, I am still not done, but I need a break. I have been here since 10 am this morning, and have only left twice (to eat, for a total of 35 minutes). My paper is almost finished; like 2 pages left to go (sections: National Endorsement, Fundraising and Budgeting, Success Expectations).

This is so boring, and I still don’t know what I am doing, but I have to turn this in tomorrow. Otherwise I would be really pushing my professor’s generosity. I am amazed that he didn’t want to kill me for messing up this badly. I think he just wants me to graduate and get it over with. Which is exactly what I want for now.

Isn’t it just too weird that I may want to get a PhD??? I think so. Why would anyone want to? But I do. And I want a JD before that. I must be really weird. All I know is that no matter how much I love this place, I shouldn’t do grad school here. That would be physically pushing myself over the ledge of sanity. I am not that insane.

Anyway, back to the paper.