After three (3) activity tracker failures, I have settled on one. The winner is … the Polar M400.

After considering several contenders, as follows:

  • Fitbit ChargeHR (fail)
  • Fitbit Charge (too disappointed to bother)
  • Misfit Shine (fail)
  • Fitbit Flex (why stay when I can upgrade)
  • Jaybird Reign – great choice, but I just could not decide based on reviews. The somewhat cryptic specifications regarding sizing were a reason not to order. Jaybird may have a great device, but I’ll wait to see how the coin falls.
  • Jawbone UP24 – with the UP3 coming up, it was not a great choice
  • Jawbone UP3 – not released yet, and not aesthetically pleasing
  • Jawbone UP Move – good basic choice, but not what I was looking for
  • Polar Loop – could get pass the look

[Note: Nike+ Fuelband, Microsoft band and Samsung Gear (Fit or 2) were not considered as I am prejudiced against said companies and their products.]

I found that the A300 is coming out soon but, since it’s the same but without GPS and it only costs $200 less, I am sticking with the M400.

I will review it once I’ve had it for a while.