I signed up for WeightWatchers (WW) Online in January of 2009 and quit after a week. Before that I tried a lot of different programs, with some success, and, since, I have have tried several more, with less success. At this time last year, I was giving up on a very expensive and unsatisfying experience with a “proven” program. I lost 3 lbs. in 6 months… .

On April 2, 2013, I received an email from WW. On a whim – because that was really the only reason, I joined again with the offer from the email. I figured I would sign up for the 3 months, and if it didn’t work out then the dues were really nothing compared to what I spent last year without results; and if it did, then every dollar was well spent.

It was early enough in the day that I started tracking that very day. I mentioned signing up to the lady’s I work with, so that it wouldn’t seem like I was crazy because I was checking my phone instead of the lunch menu. However, I didn’t tell anyone else for about 2 weeks.

WW now has the PointsPlus plan, which I have found to be world’s easier to follow than its predecessor in 2009. That may be in part due to the handy app now in my phone. Regardless, I have found it to be easy and even fun.

In the last 8 weeks, I have lost 15.6 lbs. That is more than 5 time more than I lost all last year!

Suffice to say, I am really excited. I find myself thinking differently, doing research, and making better choices. I also find myself wanting to travel back in time and yell VERY LOUDLY at myself for all the atrocious choices made in ignorance.

Now, eating is a calculated choice. As a matter of fact, this morning it took me more than 30 minutes to decide what to order for breakfast. I still eat out, but I am bringing my lunch to work most days. I have also noticed that I am more likely to have dessert and eat more quantities now than I was even a year ago. The funny thing is that I am eating more, even dessert, and I am losing weight. And I am seldom hungry!

Already my clothes are fitting better (that’s assuming they fit). I am working on becoming more active, plus exercising regularly. (Check back later for more on ActiveLink.)

I can’t wait to see where I will be this time next year!