Monday-Wednesday: Slept; went to the library; worked on my translation; and relaxed.

Thursday: My family came over, at around 6pm. The bunch was a roudy as it always gets; everyone talking to everyone, after a long, long time of not seeing each other. We ate good, good food; I made the turkey, again. Unfortunately for them, I found that someone forgot to mention the existence of a large avocado in the kitchen; too bad, it’s rotting now. I was so tired by the time they left, I went to be about 20 minutes later; it was 10:10pm. That’s the the only time I have been able to go to sleep early, and sleep a whole night.

Friday: Graudation! Woke up; took it easy. My brother called to ask how to make beans; i told me what to do. My family came to pick me up and take me to Ida Noyes at around 1:30pm. There were 38 College students walking the line; unfortunately the last person in line got pulled at the last minute, because the idiot forgot his name card. Now I am an alumna! Two of my favorite people in Chicago came to graduation; I was very happy they’d come. I had 10 guest; goodness, that was a lot. We went to Chinatown for dinner; I got us lost in the process. Two things: (1) my family started talking about my wedding, when we got to Ida Noyes; (2) while we were are the restaurant, they were already talking about coming back in a few years to celebrate my next graduation. Seems every came to the conclusion that Chicago was indeed the best place for me, regardless of the past; interesting concept: they fight Chicago for over 4 years, and then in less than 48 hrs everyone loves Chicago forever. We all went to the hotel up North, in Ithasca. In any case, I haven’t gotten a good night sleep since Thursday night.

Saturday: We took my aunt and uncles to the airport, and then my aunt brought me home. I went to the library for a moment, and came home to sleep. Was later woken up by my aunt in PA, and talked to her. My brother must have called over 5 times; he is bored being home alone.

Sunday: Job Search, Law School Search, FinAid Search, GRE and LSAT Research, along with surfing for books. Job Search maybe have already yielded results, since I found a nice position that I will be applying for today. GRE and LSAT will be taken care of after Christmas, and I am going to be said; they are so expensive – well, for my current budget. Law School Search was not as productive, but I am sure I’ll find something useful among what I did get. FinAid Search put Chicago, once again, at the top of the list; which it has always been – for over 7 years. That’s all I did, other than sleep, read, eat and watch TV.

Well, that has been all until now. It was definitely an interesting time. I could have done with a few less “how are you feeling?s” as if I were to feel sick that I have graduated or something of the sort. My grandma even asked me this question 4 times duing a 15 minutes phone conversation; she was at the hotel while I was home. I was really happy to have my aunt and uncles here, and I was happy that they were happy for me too. It could all have gone better, but why test my luck in such a way? In any case, it still hasn’t hit me, and it probably won’t until the next quarter starts up.