Someone did a Yahoo! Search for “teachforamerica.or,” and they got me.
In any case, I was curious as to how that search had yielded a result to my page, so I clicked on it. What’s more, I was the only result for that search! Well, I found out why. But I also realized how much one can change in just a few months.

Back then I said “I have 5 months to close the deal.” Now, I have less than 15 days! And even though time seems to be running out, I haven’t made a decision. I still don’t want to leave the UofC; but, at the same time, I know that I must. I mean, I can’t stay here forever, regardless of how much I’d like that. I have a life to live, and every day I realize – more and more – how it is just passing me by.

A few months ago, a friend said to me that “life will wait.” And now I’d have to tell him that it will not. It’s so different when you are a man, because life can wait. But let’s face it, I am not a man and my body is not going to wait. I would like to have a family, and I can’t wait to be 30 to start thinking about it; because at 30 my chances – personally – of having a child, without medical help, are much lower than my currently low chances. Thus, MY life cannot and will not wait – for anything.

So, what am I going to do 16 days from now? I am going to attempt living my life, for the first time ever. And I will think about what I really want. Right now, I am finding myself filled with internal conflicts. I want an education, a career, a family (not in that order). And I want it all at times that seem to not work out; but, believe me, I will work it out, because I always get what I want. This is not going to be any different. In 16 days, I start living!

On Law School: [ I really don’t have time for several posts]

I have decided to postpone my law school applications until next year. Reasons:

(1) I am too busy right now, and these are not the best circumstances for me to present myself, in paper, to those who hold my future (admission) in their hands. So, I should wait until I have more time. I am still taking the LSAT in February,
(2) Applying to Law School is too expensive, and to important, for me to do it in a negligible manner. Thus, I shall wait.
(3) I need to get myself, my life and everything else together. I lost myself at the UofC, and now it’s time that I reencounter myself.