it’s 3 am, and I am still at the library. I was here until 8am yesterday, went home for a nap, and was back by 2pm. I have been here since then, leaving for necessities for no more than 20 minutes at a time. To top off my misery, I have writer’s block, or what I like to call “bore-block.” That’s right, I can’t write because I am sick of what I am writing about.

I am so sick of reading the Congressional Record; everyone speaks as if they were in the Constitutional Convention or the Continental Congress [not in that order]. I actually enjoyed reading the forefathers’ Annals of Congress; but in the year 2003 they are still speaking just the same way, with way too much pomposity and seeming hipocrisy. In any case, this bill which I thought wasn’t going to be as bad as H.R. 1 (OSEA, 2001) turned out to be worse because there are five bills in total: S. 2700 in the 106th, and S. 350, H.R. 1831, S. 1064 and H.R. 2869 in the 107th. The main bill for my paper is H.R. 2869, but I have to talk about the whole of the other 4, because otherwise I am not doing the assignment. I have 10 pages so far, and I have been writing for over 20 hours. And I only have 13 more hrs to finish, but I need about 12 more pages at least. It’s not that I can’t write them, just that it is really tedious and I hate it.

What’s worse is that when I am done with this one I can’t just go to bed because I have another 20+ page paper due tomorrow as well; and when I am done with that I have to study for my final on Friday morning, and do 2-3 homeworks for that class, as well. I hate this. Of course, once I am done it’s over! But, will I be over too??? I am so tired; and I have so much to do next week, on top of what I have to do. There are just a few things I want to do.

I can’t wait to be done. Hopefully I’ll have time to get my cap and gown.