I must admit I have put a lot of time into coming up with a design that I like for each blog I’ve had, but this time — well, I just can’t come up with something that I like. I just don’t really care; so I am gonna have to go with one of the presets.

I really find it hard to make it through each day lately. Hadn’t had this problem in so long, that I’d forgotten what it was like. I could even say that I am depressed, but I refuse to do that. Just as I refuse to admit to myself what it is that’s depressing me. If I say it, then it’s true; and if it’s true then I have to do something about. There is just nothing I can really do about it right now; because however much I want it there are some other things that I could never forgive myself if I gave them up.

Enough generalizing for today, now.