After deciding to cycle to the gym on the weekends (logistics not completely worked out yet), and after my FitBit Flex’s near-death experience yesterday, I have come up with a solution that works in some suggestions and my available resources.

I am going to be using my Large Band around my ankle (much better than placing the Flex in my shoe laces or inside my sock); since the Large Band is not quite large enough for my ankles (never going to say they are too skinny again), I have secured it with a bit of silver chain and a jewelry clasp (that I found in my drawer, along with about 10 others). This works out great, as I can insert and extract the FitBit Flex without taking it off, which means that I can wear my FitBit Flex on my wrist before I leave my house, swap it to my ankle for my ride to the gym, switch back to wrist during my workout, and back again to ankle for the ride home. I am really liking this idea!

I just have to hope the chain does not break and my FitBit Flex does not end up roadkill after all. That would be unacceptable.

Now, I just have to figure out what I am taking with me, and how. In all honesty, my gym bag is big and heavy (about 20-25 lbs.). It is definitely not cycling friendly. I’ll stop at Academy today and look for other options. Ironically, the gym is right next to Academy – which is great if you need something last minute – and to Subway, Panera Bread and Little Caesar’s. I mean, you can get your gear, workout, and eat to your heart’s content within the same address! Panera was last to arrive, so I think they may have some evil plan to undo everyone’s best intentions… but that’s just me.