I only assert that “Under God” is part of the Pledge of Alliance. I make no claim as to whether it should or not be there.

I simply state the fact that it is there as a foundation of my greater point, which is that we are selective as to what rights we care to exercise and what issues truly concern us as individuals. “Under God” in the Pledge of Alliance has come under fire, while no one seems to care that “In God We Trust” is on all the currency we use. Certainly, people don’t mind what it says on the currency, so long as it pays the bills and luxuries. However, we use money on a daily basis, while most adult “Americans” have forgotten the words to the Pledge of Alliance, just like they’ve forgotten the words to the national Anthem.

My argument is solely on the basis of the First Amendment, and social changes; and how these relate to foreign affairs.


I am beginning to feel that the basis and point of my argument have been lost to the appearance, and extreme awareness, of certain terms I have used to describe or explicate my position. Right after my statements on “Under God” and “In God We Trust”, I discuss the duality of expectations, actions and awareness which bring my point to bear.