Alright, so it is 1/3/05 and not 1/1/05; but I was busy. Actually I have been sleeping, trying to recover. Not really!

In any case, the party was alright. There was some semblance of fun in it toward the end; at least for me. I survived, and the house didn’t get majorly trashed, which is good.

The girls and I – most of us, anyway – got together on the first for dinner. It was nice. Things have certainly changed in the past couple of years. We are still very good friends, if not very close (which I think we still are, just differently). It’s just that we are different, and that makes us, as a group, different as well. It’s not a bad different; it’s just a “hard-to-place-what’s-changed” different. Of course, we are what’s changed.

I can hardly believe it, but it’s been a while. I met D in ’96, and T and MA in ’97, and M in ’98. I’ve known D for what is mighty fast coming to be 10 years! I believe my next longest-running friendship is a bit over 17 years old; but she’s more like my sister than my friend. For that matter, they are all more like sisters than friends. I have friends, but I have all the sisters I never had too.