I can’t believe it’s been this long. I haven’t written anything about the books I have read in all this time, or of what’s been going on.

Well, I have applied for a Florida Teaching Certificate, but I am not holding my breath to find a teaching job here. My “only” chance so far was quickly taken away this morning, when someone else with an education degree and experience got the job. But I’ll keep looking.

I have applied for tons of jobs, and I keep getting the over-qualified letter with the exception of a handful of time when I have gotten the “not exactly what we are looking for” letter. But I keep looking. Actually applied to a job in Chicago, and if I get it then I’ll move back. I miss it so much already. As a matter of fact, I miss the Reg the most. I know, pathetic!

I took up knitting, but found that if you do it for too long – like whole days for week – you quickly tire of it. As I did. Nevertheless, I still have about 5′ worth of knitting to finish my new scarf.

I have a mess all over my desk from dealing with law school applications. Given the job situation (as in not having one), I have decided to wait yet another year. It’s expensive enough. In the meantime, I have created a database that will track the whole process; and while I was doing that I began cataloging all my CDs and MP3s into another database. You wouldn’t believe how many times I actually bought the same song. Or the CD and the song? Waste!

Other than that, my paranoia is at a low point, and I can’t wait to get out of here. No longer a one-horse town, Orange Park is still a very boring place.